F A Q s


What exactly is this portal sskzmoba.org all about ?

The OBA portal has been built as the virtual Common Room of the OBA community, helping the Old Boys keep themselves updated about events, career prospects, alumni entrepreneurship, and easily reach out to other alumni members through a simple, secure and intuitive interface. 

I am an ‘Old Boy’ from SSKZM. How do I join this online community ?

The portal has a super-quick, easy sign-up form that enables the alumni administration team to verify and approve your entry through a mail send to your submitted email address. Click on the link in the Approval Mail from the admin team, and you become a member of the online community.

What advantages do the online membership offer ?

• Be the first to know about the latest events organized in your city by the OBA, be it chapter reunions, career-fests, workshops or fund-raising events 

• Set online preferences for domain-specific updates to be delivered to your message box, in case Job vacancies are posted for the same

• Browse through the Classified listings ( The Kazhaks’ own Yellow Pages ) of the community for  trustworthy bargains and needful things

 Checkout the Entrepreneurship Section of the OBA community, and help encourage by engaging its services in the city near you ( Coming Soon ! ) 

 Use the powerful  OBA Directory Search to find that long-lost buddy of yours

 Share your experience, creative acumen or domain expertise  to the community through the central Blog section. Interested in maintaining a regular column of your own online? Fantastic. Do drop a line to the admin team at info@sskzmoba.org and they would be right with you, helping you put it together

Are there any restrictions in contacting Old Boys on this portal ?  

The online home of the OBA SSKZM has also been designed to work through unconditional trust, exactly as it works offline. All registered users can access profiles of the community members and leave private messages on profiles. While this be the existing access protocol, it is with the unshakeable trust that the personal data so accessed be for strengthening the personal bonds between two Kazhaks, and the OBA community in general.  

How does the Job Board work ?

Any Old Boy can post a bonafide vacancy on behalf of his/her organization on the Job Board which will be approved for publication by the Admin Team. If the Job interests you, the simple interface lets you upload your CV to the author of the published vacancy in a few clicks.

How does the Events Section Work ?

Any Old Boy can post an Event in the Events section which will be approved for publication by the Admin Team. If the Event interests you, the simple interface lets you join the Event, also intimating the uploader of the Event of your details.

How do Classifieds work?

Any Old Boy can post a bonafide item/article  relevant to the categories in the Classifieds section, which will be approved for publication by the Admin Team. If the Listing interests you, the simple interface lets you contact the uploader with a simple click.

How does the Entrepreneurship Section / Business Pages work?

Any Old Boy can create a Business page relevant to the categories in the Entrepreneurship section, which will be approved for publication by the Admin Team. The page is designed to carry a high-resolution image that represents the business, a short write-up of the business including Contact details and location, and embed a supporting video. The simple interface lets you contact the Business Owner with a simple click.

 How secure is my data?

The complete database is secured using industry standard security    protocols.    No user can access the data without appropriate permissions. No part of the member information is public, and is accessible only via a bonafide login.

I would like to donate and pay online. How do I go about it ?

Currently the option of online payment is unavailable, though process is underway to install a quick and easy payment system online for all of the alumni requirements. Till such time, you could make use of the existing banking avenues to transfer funds using the OBA’s given credentials:

Account Name : SSKZM OBA

Account Number : SB A/c 67390374461

Name of Bank : State Bank of India, Kuravankonam, Trivandrum

Branch Code : 001125

MICR code : 695 009 096

IFSC : SBTR0001125

Please have the Treasurer intimated on treasurer@sskzmoba.org / rammohan2529@gmail.com with the details of any payment to the OBA SSKZM.

 I would like to offer feedback about this portal in general and my online experience. How do I go about it ?

We would love to hear from you and look forward to that. Do make use of the Quick Contact Form here or shoot off a mail to info@sskzmoba.org.