Delhi Chapter Meetup - 2 July 2016

The Delhi Chapter, which can rightly claim to be the most vibrant chapter of all- organised its second get-together of the year at the Army AD mess.

Around 60 old boys and Families attended the Get-together. Young and old Kazhaks interacted for over 3 hrs reliving old times and sharing memories of School and associated events.

The man behind the event was the most spirited Col Neeraj Mehrotra aka Mallu Nair. Younger ones like Sreejith played a stellar role in coordination. Col Isenhower, who has steered the brood in Delhi coordinated and acted as the pivot of Delhi Kazaks.

Kazhaks had arrived from outstation as far as Srinagar ( Pappan), Pathankot (Aju).

Overall it has reinforced the spirit of Kazhaks in the region and has etched itself well into social calender of school mates in Delhi.