Posted by Jain V P on May 04, 2017


1) Patron Col A Rajiv 2053/90, Principal SSKZM

2) OBA Master in Charge: Shri Arun Kumar M S

3) President: Cdr Sam T Samuel IN (Retd) 637/75

4) Vice President: Col Sajjad M (Retd) 574/74

5) Vice President: Shri Soni Somarajan 2186/91

6) General Secretary: Shri VP Jain 2006/90

7) Organising Secretary : Shri Anup S 2297/92

8) Chairman RM Committee: Brig Josekutty Kurian 596/74

9) Batch Representative (1976-80): Shri Prem C Pillai 768/77

10) Sri Prabha Sudhan (3577/2004)


The meeting commenced with a silent prayer in memory of Mrs. KG Muthanna, Mrs Jessie John (ex Matron & M/o Bernard John 43/68) and Sri A. Firoz (774/77) - who passed away during the period. The Patron had an important official engagement and so the sequence of the agenda was changed so that he could be present during the other important ones. The following agenda points were discussed:

Agenda Point No 1: Welcome Address

On behalf of the Administrative Officer Sainik School Kazhakootam, Lt Col Gireesh Kumar who could not attend the meeting due to official commitments, Shri Arun Kumar MS, Master -in-Charge OBA welcomed the President OBA, Executive Members of OBA and the Patron Col A Rajiv, Principal Sainik School, Kazhakootam to the meeting.

Agenda Point No 2: Presidential Address Cdr. Sam T Samuel (Retd)

The President, SSKZM OBA expressed his disappointment at the thin attendance during the quaterly EC meets. He informed the gathering that there are two short presentations lined up, one on parking of funds of OBA to get better returns and the other on automation software for speedy and transparent office administration.

Agenda Point No 3: Progress Report of the 1992 Batch Projects, OBA Reunion 2017 and GKM 2017

The Organising Secretary, Shri Anup S (2297/92) informed the participants of the activities undertaken by the batch and the plans for the OBA Reunion & GKM 2017

3.1 Projects completed:

    1. For SSKZM Cadets

      1. Project H92O – Safe water for cadets

        • Installed water purifier in 11 dormitories

      2. Project Dhwani– Enhancing the Music Club

        • Procured additional instruments requested by school

        • Repaired existing instruments

    2. For Social Cause

      1. Project H92O – Safe water for students

        • Installed water purifier in Sainik LP School

      2. Contribution of OBA Students Scholarship Fund– INR 60,000

        • Contributed INR 32,500/- to school for the payment towards tuition fees of Cadet Adarsh

        • Contributed INR 27,500 towards Student Scholarship Fund

3.2 Projects in progress:

    1. For SSKZM Cadets

      1. Kazhaks Agro Farm – Continuation and expansion of Project Sanjay Organic Farm initiated by 91 batch.

        • A new area near the obstacle court was allocated by school to 92 batch. The crops planned in this area are:

      • Vegetable farm (chilli, brinjal, bitter gourd, snake gourd, bhindi etc)

      • Tuber crops (tapioca, elephant foot yam etc) and banana

      • Fruit orchard (mango, sapota, guava, rambutan, mangosteen etc)

    • Installing irrigation facilities for the farm

    • A subsidy of INR 99,000 approved by Agricultural Department against the project report to submitted by Prakash P (2103/92), who is an Agricultural Officer leading this project. The amount will be transferred to school’s account, which is to be used for the sustenance of this project.

        1. Project Dhwani– Enhancing the Music Club

          • Furnishing the interior of the room allocated for the music club.

        2. Ignite sessions – Motivational talk by the old boys

          • Session 1 is planned for 05 Jul 2017, Wednesday

        • Col. Salil M P (2283/92)

        • Col. Praveen G (2292/92)

        • Session 2 is planned for 07 Jul 2017, Friday

            • Cdr. Praveen T K (2286/92)

            • Capt. Jayakumar P (2284/92)

          3.3 OBA Reunion 2017:

          1. Following table shows the program chart for the activities in School premises on 6-Jul-2017, Thursday.

          SL No







          Arrival of Chief Guest – OBA President





          Prize distribution


          1 hr



          High Tea

          Maj SCSM Gallery

          30 mins



          Entertainment program for Staff and Cadets
          (Karoke Ganamela, Comedy Skit and Mentalist)


          2.5 hrs

            1. Following table shows the program chart for the activities in School premises on 8-Jul-2017, Saturday

              SL No







              Arrival of Old boys

              School Campus





              Registration Counters




              92' Batch to assemble for the function

              Hut of Remembrance




              Arrival of Chief Guest

              Hut of Remembrance




              Paying homage to the departed Alumni

              Hut of Remembrance

              8 mins



              Hoisting of the OBA flag

              Harshan Pavilion

              5 mins



              Squad march of 92' batch Old Boys

              Towards school foyer

              5 mins



              Wreath laying ceremony by the Chief Guest

              Stupa of Remembrance

              10 mins



              Homage of Sri. VKK Menon

              VKKM Bust

              20 mins



              Homage of Col. N J Nair AC, KC

              Col. N J Nair Bust




              Homage of Capt. Harshan AC

              Capt. Harshan Bust




              Homage of 2/Lt R M Naresh

              Lt R M Naresh Bust




              Homage of Maj. S Chandran SM

              Maj. SCSM Gallery




              Move to Auditorium


              5 mins



              Commemoration Meeting - Address of Chief Guest


              1hr 25mins





              25 mins



              Inauguration of the renovated Music Club

              Music Club Room

              5 mins



              High Tea

              Maj SCSM Gallery

              30 mins



              Annual General Body Meeting of OBA


              2 hrs



              Lunch for Ladies and children

              School Cadet's Mess Complex

               1hr 30mins



              Lunch for OBA members, Faculty and Cadets

              School Cadet's Mess

               45 mins



              Festival matches - Cricket

              Parade Ground

               2 hrs



              Festival matches - Basket Ball, Foot Ball and Volley Ball

              Respective grounds




              Prize distribution

              Parade Ground

               15 mins



              Departure of Alumni and families



            2. The batch is also planning to organize a Carnival session for ladies and kids from 10:00 – 16:00. The activities planned includes the following – Performance by SSKZM Music Club, bouncing castle, clay pot making, mehandi (nail painting, hand painting), caricature, sculpturing, balloon toy making, bangle store, cotton candy, popcorn, etc

            3. The batch requested the permission of offering snacks as part of the carnival like popcorn, cotton candy etc. All these will be free of cost. The school has given the permission to offer them and requested the 92 batch to ensure that there shouldn’t be any disparity between the cadets and the children of old boys, while offering these eatables.

            4. School has confirmed that the drinking water to be placed at various points in the premises on the OBA day will be managed by school.

          3.4 Grand Kazhak Meet (GKM) 2017:

          1. The venue for the GKM will be Hotel Lake Palace, Kadinamkulam.

              1. The venue is a new 5 star property, located around 8 kms from SSKZM premises.

              2. The T shaped convention centre, can accommodate upto 750 pax. This T shaped room can be utilized to arrange a section without much of noise for networking purposes.

              3. The final negotiated rate for the GKM dinner is INR 900 per pax with a minimum of 250 pax. As the last GKM held in Udaya Samubra, Kovalam had an attendance of around 350, the batch expects a similar or higher attendance due to the proximity from school premises. The rate that will be offered to the old boys will be finalized, based on the contribution as sponsorship. This will be published by the end of May-2017.

              4. The property has bar license.

              5. The property has a total of 24 rooms, which is categorized into 2 room types – lake view and city view. They rates negotiated are INR 3500 for city view and INR 4500 for lake view. If any old boys requires rooms for 8th Jul 2017, the conducting batch can coordinate with the hotel. The batch will be releasing the communication for the same to the OB groups soon.

          2. Following table shows the proposed program chart for the GKM on 8-Jul-2017, Saturday evening.

          SL No





          Arrival of Old Boys with family






          Networking (Instrumental fusion eastern in background)

          • Liquor counter open



          Dinner counter open



          Entertainment program



          GKM Closure

          Agenda Point No 4:Points from the OBA Patron Col A Rajiv 2053/90, Principal SSKZM

          The Patron thanked Brig Josekutty Kurian, the 1974 Batch and Shri Sasikumar CR (551/74) in particular for the speedy process of delivering the Ambulance from the CSR Funds of SBT to the School with in a record time of just 50 days, after accepting the request of the School projected to the OBA during the the last EC Meet held on 28 Jan 2017. The school acknowledged the contribution of Shri Sasikumar by registering the vehicle with the Roll No of Shri Sasikumar (551). The patron also thanked the sponsoring batch of 1992 for taking up very useful projects for the school.

          He informed the quorum about the achievements of Ms.Sandhya R, Malayalam teacher of the school who is also in-charge of the video club. She brought honours for the school by winning the Best Director Award for the short film Neerthulliye Kaanathaya Divasam and Kum. G Amritha who acted in the film won the Best Actor Award at the sixth Bharathan Memorial Short Film Competition . Another achievement of the school was that the school magazine won the best school/college magazine award from the Printers Association of Kerala. Since the the presentation ceremony of these awards at Alappuzha and Kochi clashed with the EC Meeting date, the Administrative Officer and the Senior Master could not attend the EC Meeting.

          The school had managed to gradually reduce the dropouts of students from Class X and XI from 22 in 2014 -15 to 15 in 2015-16 to a low of just 6 this year. With two Old Boys at the helm of affairs at the School, the fraternity would have expected nothing less. He appeciated the efforts of the teaching staff for improvement of the academic performance. He also thanked them for the extra effort put in to help the Project Shine children to cope up with the changed environment. With their efforts all except one student attained the requisite grade to be promoted to the 7th Standard. One student would have to be kept in the 6th Standard for his own good.

          A huge shed covering the area near the sports store is coming up fast and is likely to be ready by OBA Day. Work is on to complete the NDA Block as soon as possible but due to this being a done with MOD Funds and other funds cannot be clubbed with, it may take another six months for its completion.

          He also informed that the School will have a 4+4+3 (senior, junior and sub junior) tier dormitory system from 2017-18 with the same old names Ashoka, Nehru, Prasad and Shivaji coming back.

          He requested the OBA President to issue some instructions to OBA Social Media groups to ensure that it remains secular and apolitical so that we continue to uphold the values that were imbibed in us during our School days. He also requested that messages posted in one group about achievements and news about the School be communicated to the Old Boys through other groups as well.

          Agenda Point No 5: Action Taken Report General Secretary

          He expressed gratitude to 1974 batch and the EC OBA for fruitfully utilizing the OBA contacts to acquire a brand new ambulance for the SSKZM MI room. He thanked Shri Sasikumar CR (551/74) and the SBT management and staff for the immediate release of the CSR funds.

          Majority of the students fees were settled by the respective parents. An outstanding amount of over Rs 38,000/- was paid by the organising batch of 1992. Efforts are on to procure one multi-utility Tractor with a Trailer and Additional Bowser through the CSR funds of various private and public sector companies. A stall will be put in place for sale of the book on late FO MP Anil Kumar by Nitin Sathe during OB Reunion Day.

          Agenda Point No 6: Chief Guest - 8 July, 2017 OBA Reunion Day

          Lt Gen Cherish Mathson (734/76) will be requested to be the Chief Guest of the 48th OBA Reunion to be held at School premises on 8 July, 2017

          Agenda Point No 7: Life Time Achievement Awards - Citations

          Citations for nomination for PC Satish Chandran Lifetime Achievement Awards was discussed and names finalised.

          Agenda Point No 8: Achiever of the Year Awards - Nomination updates

          Awards committee short listed the nominations for Annual Achievers award 2017 that were received through the batch representatives for final approval of the EC.

          Agenda Point No 9: SSKZM OBA - Vision Document (Team A & B Initiatives)

          Vision Document - SSKZM OBA: In order to ensure more participation and interaction with all batches it was decided by the EC that we give specific responsibilities to various appointments of the EC. Two Teams - Team A (1965-1990) & Team B (1991- 2016) were formed. The two Vice Presidents confirmed that about 50 percent progress has been made in getting the contact details of members through Batch Representatives. Certain Batch Representatives have yet to get into the grid. But we hope to receive maximum cooperation from everyone to make the OBA truely democratic, professional and vibrant. The necessity of selecting Batch Representatives who have adequate time and passion in the affairs of OBA was highlighted.

          Agenda Point No 10: Office Admin Software

          A necessity was felt that we introduce an Office Administration Software so that concerned EC Members like OBA Gen Secretary, Treasurer and President can function effectively. The EC had contacted a firm in Trivandrum and they sent a freelance software developer, Sri Prabha Sudhan who himself is an OB (3577/2004). Based on the inputs given by EC members he was entrusted to come up with a draft format before the next EC. The entire office Administration could be developed in stages after evaluating its success at each stage. At the initial stage it was proposed that we have the contribution of OBs towards life membership and other contributions through the efforts of the Resource Mobilisation Team automated where by the payment can be made online and the recepits generated immediately and sent by mail to the doner. Further, the registration process during the OBA day should also be automated and also available as mobile app so the process is faster and transparent. Further provisions to add other facilities to this software to include archiving all EC reports and bulletins, initiatives of OBA, awards and honorariums etc be done in a phased manner.

          Shri Prem C Pillai raised a point about physical entry in registers which was done meticulously by previous Gen Secretaries and transparency in publishing the names of members registering their names during OBA. The President confirmed that the number of people who register during the OBA Day is indeed brought into the account books and the accounts passed during the next AGM. Shri Soni Somarajan, Vice President OBA brought out that although it is not mandatory, at every EC Meeting the accounts are presented by the Treasurer and the income and expenditures discussed and passed. Transparency is maintained at all times.

          Col Mohammed Sajjad (Retd), Vice President OBA, while appreciating the necessity of administrative software for ensuring speedy office work, maintainance of archives and transparency was of the opinion that we delay the execution for a while till the other initiative, that of the website, stabilises. Also during the last EC when accounts were presented it was seen that the total expenditure was more than the income. The treasurer confirmed that by OBA reunion day the interest accrued will ensure that the expenditure will not exceed income. Thus any additional expenditure may tip the balance in favour of us having a negative balancesheet at the end of the tenure of the OBA which should be avoided by all means. The Principal amount should appreciate every year and only interest accrued from the principal amount and other income generated during the year should be utilised. The President ruled that decision on the matter will be taken subsequently after Shri Prabha Sudan made a presentation on the kind of software and the facilities available.

          Agenda Point No 11: OBA's Tribute to NBN - Status Report

          It was learnt informally that the Committee detailed for the purpose of arriving at a viable project to honour the memory of Shri NBN have accepted the responsibility and would be meeting soon to take up the matter.

          Agenda Point No 12: Life membership - Class XII cadets

          The Administrative Officer had earlier confirmed that the life membership of class XII cadets (2016-17) will be taken up with the parents and their consent obtained. 70 cadets of 2017 are expected to join OBA before the next reunion. Status quo exists wherein Rs 500/- will be deducted (with the consent of the school authorities and their respective guardian) from the caution deposit and enrolled as our Life Member.

          Shri Arun Kumar MS, Senior Master - Chemistry, SSKZM, has agreed to support us to complete the formalities on time.

          Agenda Point No 13: Alumni website.

          The new website remains a cause of concern as very few people have registered into the site. The reasons are many but the main reason seems to be lack of awareness among the OBA community about the site and matters pertaining to web administration. The website is user friendly and has a number of facilities. Log in and registering procedures were communicated to all through mails in OBA community groups. However, like any other website of this kind, we are also troubled by spam. The web admins are flooded by fake registration requests and it is very difficult to identify the genuine ones from the fake ones. There are presently five administors who will verify the genuine members and allot them the password. The admin rights of the five alumni members also needs further evaluation. The hosting and domain charges claimed by the present provider is on a higher side and this needs further negotiation or alternatives.

          The President ruled that a progressive and concrete stategy has to be evolved before the next AGM to put the alumni website in place and to avoid confusion for the new EC 2017-18.

          Agenda Point No 14: Statement of Accounts

          Two new accounts were opened with the SBT (now SBI) - OBA General Fund & OBA Scholarship Fund. We have also obtained the PAN Card for the new association.


          It was decided in the last ECM that only interest accruing from the Principal amount in the two funds would be utilised for any requirement and since the Students Scholarship Fund had only about Rs 3 lakhs at that time, a request was made to the 1992 Batch if they could take on the responsibility of helping the cadets who are unable to pay the fees during this year. Based on this, the 1992 batch had collected a sum of Rs 60,000/- to help pay outstanding fee of four cadets. However, parents of three cadets were able to pay the dues in time. One cadet had to be supported by the OBA for payment of dues amounting to Rs 32500/-. This amount was paid by the 1992 Batch. The balance amount of Rs 27500/- collected by the batch was handed over to the OBA towards the Students Scholarship Fund.


          The two accounts of the OBA will have auto-sweep facility from 01 Apr 2017 onwards after the merger of SBT with SBI. As SBT did not have auto-sweep facility for accounts held by societies, two FDs amounting to Rs 25,00,000 and 7, 00,000 (Total of 32 Lakhs) have been made out of the amount held in the OBA General Fund for a period of 46 days so that we get a higher rate of interest. Similarly Rs. 12,00,000/- from the Students Scholarship Fund has been kept as FD for 46 days.


          It was decided to hold the 4th EC meeting on 6 July 2017.

          Two live presentations were conducted prior to the EC Meeting.

          One by Shri Vineeth, Senior Manager, SBI Mutual Funds to understand the different avenues available to park our corpus fund.

          Second by Sri Prabha Sudhan (3577/2004) on office automation /software options available that can possibly link to our website.