Posted by Jain V P on December 15, 2017

In Attendance

    1. Lt Col B Girish Kumar 1928/89 AO SSKZM

    2. Shri K Rajendran Senior Master & OBA in Charge, Ex Officio member

    3. Shri Arun Kumar MS Master, SSKZM

    4. Shri Rajan Namboodiri VB Master SSKZM

    5. Col Sajjad M (Retd) 574/74, Vice President

    6. Shri Soni Somarajan 2186/91, Vice President

    7. Shri VP Jain 2006/90, Gen Secretary

    8. Shri Santhosh Kumar J 2226/91, Treasurer

    9. Capt Anish A Nair 2382/93, Org Secretary

    10. Shri Hari Prasad A 144/68, Member

    11. Cdr Rajeev Maroli 954/80, Member

    12. Shri Dileep SL 2492/94, Member

    13. Shri Ananthu Anil 5054/16 Member

    14. Shri Lal Prakash 2375/93, Invitee


    The meeting commenced with a silent prayer in memory of departed souls, who passed away during the period. The following agenda points were discussed:

    Agenda Point No 1: Welcome Address

    Lt Col B Girish Kumar AO SSKZM welcomed the EC members of SSKZM OBA 2017-18 to the meeting. Sincere gratitude was expressed to the OBA fraternity especially the Young Brigades for extending additional financial support of Rs 53000/- to the schools’ Student Scholarship Fund. Poor attendance of the Old Boys during the inaugural and closing ceremony of the 9th edition of Capt. Harshan Memorial Inter-School Basketball Championship held from 24-27 October, 2017 was the only dampening factor in celebrating the school team's first victory in the tournament.

    Agenda Point No 2: Presidential Address

    Col. Sajjad M (Retd)Vice President SSKZM OBA presided over the meeting. He requested the General Secretary to inform the Committee of the actions taken on the previous ECM agenda points one by one.

    Agenda Point No 3: Review of 1st EC Agenda Points

    a) OBA's Tribute to NBN Sir:The working committee on NBNMTEP 2017 came up with a detailed proposal. Shri K Rajendran Senior Master & OBA in charge on behalf of the Principal SSKZM, presented the status of the Annual NBN Memorial Teacher Enrichment Program (details appended in pdf). Last week of November 2017 was proposed as the probable date for its execution.

    b)Website (Technical) Upgradation: It is expected that the Website Technical Committee would review the OBA day registration process, options to link Kazhaks App for mobile devices to the website and propose income from spot advertising and submit its report within one month.

    c) SOP - Liaison between SSKZM and SSKZMOBA: The Principal SSKZM was authorized to amend the clause on free lunch for members on ECM days and to sign the final text of the SOP that liaise SSKZM and SSKZMOBA. Signed SOP will be forwarded to the EC for safekeeping

    d) Co-opting 1994 batch and 2011-17 Representatives in EC: Shri Dileep SL (2492/1994) and Shri Ananthu Anil (5054/2016) were co-opted as representatives of 1994 (Golden Jubilee) batch and batch representative (2011-17) respectively.

    e) Constitution of 2018 LTA & AoY Awards Committee: Shri Hari Prasad A (144/68) PO in consultation with Col Sajjad M (Retd) (574/74) expanded the 2018 LTA & AoY Awards Committee with Shri Soni Somarajan (2186/91), Wg Cdr TR Padmaraj (2298/1993) and Shri Kamal Sankar (3470/2000) as its members.

    f) GKM Surplus Fund: INR 17500/- received from GKM-2017 (1992 Batch) was accounted to the OBA general fund. Surplus GKM money available with Kochi Chapter & 1991 Batch will be transferred shortly. Cdr Rajeev Maroli was requested to liaise with Kochi Chapter in this regard and Shri Soni Somarajan was requested to speak to concerned people of 1991 Batch.

    g) Transfer of Life membership Fees -2017 cadets: INR 35000/- collected as OBA Life Membership fees (INR 500/-) from 70 OBs of 2017 batch was transferred to the SSKZM OBA account.

    h) Projects & OBA Day 2018: 1993 Batch: An attempt will be made bythe 1993batch to launch the 'Periodic Table - Fun learning outside the chemistry lab' along with the inauguration of NBN Memorial Teacher Enrichment Program 2017. The first set of Ignite Sessions led by Dr Mehul R Mahesh (2385/1993) was on from 26/10/17 to 28/10/17. Next session of the ignite series by Air Marshal R Radhish VM is scheduled for 24/11/17.

    i) Closing of Federal Bank Account & Winding up of OBA: The SB account at Federal Bank, Kazhakootam Branch was closed on 10/10/17. The final amount will be transferred to the OBA General Fund through a demand draft. The accountant informed the General Secretary that steps to wind up the OBA with Registrar of Societies; Govt of Kerala can be taken up only after the 2017-18 financial year.

    j) Enhancement of Endowment Amount by the Sponsors: There has been no progress on this point. It was decided that the Gen Secy obtain the list of Sponsors and the Endowment amount from the School Authorities/Records available. This be examined in detail by the Gen Secy and in consultation with other EC Members through the social media groups recommend the suggested Endowment amount for each Award after which an appropriate communication be sent to the sponsors requesting them either to donate/terminate/merge the endowments so that the prize money awarded is decent and OBA Fund position is not affected by the yearly payout. The action should be completed before the next ECM.

    The meeting resumed after a 15-min tea break.

    Agenda Point No 4: Statement of Accounts & Update on Separate Trust Formation

    The Treasurer submitted the detailed financial statement from 1/4/17- 27/10/17. General opinion was to maintain higher standards of fiscal discipline to manage both the funds. The Treasurer was requested to ensure that income and expenditure in the two accounts are shown separately. It was also requested that SSF is utilised only for the intended purpose which is giving assistance to deserving cadets who are unable to pay their fee. Whatever erroneous payments have been made due to absence of a permanent Treasurer for a brief period should be adjusted by transfer between the two accounts. The Treasurer needs to ensure that the Corpus Fund is increased every year to cater for inflation and increase in fees. Thus not more than 66 percent of the interest accrued from the Principal amount should be utilised annually and efforts should be made to get more contributions into this account. Later the Income & Expenditure statement was approved by the EC.

    A committee headed by the Treasurer with the two Vice Presidents and General Secretary as members would look into the prospects of forming a separate Trust to cater our social commitments.

    Agenda Point No 5: Finalisation of Nov 2017 NBNMTE Program at School

    Confirmation of dates & speakers and invitation to immediate family members of NBN Sir was entrusted to the school authorities. Support of OBs was sought for confirmation of speakers and publicity for the event through media and social media anticipated for maximum coverage of the event in all social media. It was also decided that a separate head under the General Fund named 'Annual NBN Memorial Program' should be opened to fund the expenditures connected with activities to honor the memory of Shri NBN. Cdr Rajeev Maroli was requested to assist the President OBA in initiating a suitable appeal to the Alumni Community to create this Corpus Fund so that future expenditures can be met out of the annual interest in proportion to the total amount under this head. This year, however, a sum of Rs 65000/- was sanctioned as a loan from the Gen Fund to cater for the conduct of the Teachers Enrichment Programme. The loan will be returned to the Gen Fund as and when contributions are received from the Alumni. As decided during the previous ECM, contributions to the Students Scholarship Fund should also be included in the appeal.

    Agenda Point No 6: Capt Harshan Memorial & Col NJ Nair Memorial Events:

    The Patron conveyed his deep sense of anguish for the lack of respect to the memory of Capt Harshan by the OB Community and expressed his displeasure for the poor attendance for the OBA sponsored Capt R Harshan, AC Memorial Inter School Basketball Championship.

    The School A-Team for the first time won the 9th Edition of Capt. Harshan Memorial Basket Ball Tournament conducted from 24-27/10/17. The victorious team defeated Navjeevan School.

    The school authorities informed that Col. NJ Nair Memorial Debating Competition would be on 3/11/17 from 0945 hrs to 1215 hrs followed by Lunch with Cadets for the invitees.

    Agenda Point No 8: 2017-18 LTA & AoY Awards Committee Proposals:

    The newly expanded committee would meet separately and finalise the list of awardees before the next ECM. The qualifying period for the AoY Award will be from 01 Jan 2017 to 31 Mar 2018.

    Agenda Point No 9: Plans/Projects for 2018-19 & OBA Day 2018: 1993 Batch

    First series of the ignite session was on at school campus. The EC appreciated their efforts and gave Go Ahead approval of all activities proposed by the batch. CSR activities to provide teaching aids to School would set a new trend. Issue of Privilege Health Check-up Cards, at discounted rates, to OBA members and their families by the sponsoring batch will be a novel venture.

    Agenda Point No 10: OBA Golden Jubilee Celebrations- Setting up of a Dedicated Editorial Board for OBA Coffee Table Book, Hand Book and Directory

    Importance of coordinating the Golden Jubilee activities was highlighted. As per information available the first OBA reunion was in June1969. After much deliberation, it was decided that the Golden Jubilee celebrations would initiate from July 2018 and culminate on the 50th OBA Reunion Day in June 2019. All members are requested to put in your views, concepts and thoughts through social media to place our association to a different level. Proposals are called for separate editorial board for Coffee Table Book, Directory and Hand Book for approval.

    Agenda Point No 11: OBA Website Up-gradation Technical Committee Report

    Website evolution report is expected within one month.

    Agenda Point No 12: Transfer of GKM 2014-17 Surpluses to the OBA Fund

    The EC thanked the Batch of 1992 especially Shri Anoop S, Org Secretary, SSKZM OBA 2017-18 for transferring the surplus to the OBA General Fund.

    Agenda Point No 13: Listing of OB Sponsored Endowments/ Prizes to Cadets

    INR 44000/- was spend towards prize money to cadets this year. Consolidating the entire list of endowments as a single entity was proposed but the sentiments attached with these endowments have to be sincerely addressed. The point has been adequately covered in Agenda Point 3 (j) above.

    Decisions taken:

    1. To appeal to the OBA fraternity to liberally contribute to the Annual NBN Memorial initiatives

    2. To release 65,000/- as loan from General Fund to conduct NBNMTEP, 2017

    3. To enhance the scholarship fund by seeking support from individual batches especially on attaining specific landmarks

    4. Committee led by Treasurer to furnish a blueprint on Trust Formation

    5. To hold the 3rd EC meeting on Saturday, 27 January, 2018.