Nominations for PC Satish Chandran Memorial Lifetime Achievement Awards & Fg Offr MP Anil Kumar Memorial Achiever of the Year Awards 2016-17

Posted by Jain V P on February 16, 2017

Dear Alumni,

The Old Boys Association, Sainik School Kazhakootam hereby invites nominations for
        a) PC Satish Chandran Memorial Lifetime Achievement Awards 2016-17

        b) Fg Offr MP Anil Kumar Memorial Achiever of the Year Awards 2016-17

Please refer to the attached Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) before making the nominations to ascertain the individual's suitability for the awards. The achiever of the year award should be for the achievers of calendar year 2016 which means that we are awarding those who have achieved something in their respective professions during the year 01 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016.


The Nominations in the prescribed format may be forwarded by individual batches to the respective OBA Batch Representatives (as per list below):  . 


1965-1970 Shri Suresh Bhaskar  117/1968  919387800920

1971-1975 Cdr (Retd) KN Hari Kumar 633/1975  919562994720

1976-1980 Shri Prem C Pillai 768/1977  919995793459

1981-1985 Shri Biju Krishnan 1493/1984   919223553193

1986-1990 Dr. Habeeb Mohamed 1750/1987  919447438404

1991-1995 Shri Anish A Nair 2382/1993  919846273777

1996-2000 Shri Kamal Sankar 3470/2000   919745212322

2001-2005 Shri Mithunraj S B 3318/2001  919902146146

2006-2010 Shri Ajay M 3830/2006  918089716139

2011-2015 Shri Arun K Nair 4413/2011 91-9400556402


The last date for receipt of nominations is 15 March 2017.

For any clarifications, kindly forward the queries either to Col.(Retd) Sajjad M (574/1974) 918547640918

or  Shri Suresh Bhaskar (117/1968)




V P Jain (2006/1990)


Gen. Secretary



















The school has been in existence for over half a century and many of its alumni have become senior citizens. The healthy public school environment has had great impact in nurturing the erstwhile students of the school into competent adults who strive for excellence in their chosen fields. Many have reached highest positions in their careers or have done yeoman service to the nation and humanity. Yet contributions of many of them remain unknown to even the OBA fraternity themselves. Many alumni have made valuable contributions towards the OBA to make it into the vibrant organisation that it is today. The achievements of alumni bring pride and motivation to the school fraternity. However, there has not been any formal procedure for identifying such achievers. It is indeed time now to recognise the achievements of the alumni and record them for the sake of posterity. A formal system needs to be laid down so that no one is missed out in the process of identifying achievers.






The aim of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for identifying, every year, those alumni whose contributions have brought glory to the school for presentation of the following:-


a)      PC Satish Chandran Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award.

b)     Fg Offr MP Anil Kumar Memorial Achiever of the Year Award.






The purpose of instituting these awards are as follows:-


To educate and motivate the cadets of the School to strive for excellence.


To create a system by which the OBA as a community is aware of the achievements of its members.


To make a record of the high achievers from the community for the sake of posterity.


To recognise the contributions of individuals towards the OBA


To demonstrate the collective appreciation of the alumni towards individual recipients of the award



Eligibility Criteria


PC Satish Chandran Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award

4.         The broad eligibility criteria for recommendation for the above award is as follows:-


(a)   Gallantry Awards     -                       (i)         Any military personnel or civilian who has won                                                                             gallantry awards above Kirti Chakra.


(ii)     Any gallantry award winner posthumously               awarded.


(b)            Defence Services    -                       Anyone who is promoted to a three star General or                                                                                                              equivalent in the other services.


(c)            Civil Services                       -                       Anyone promoted to the level of a three star                                     (including allied services)                   General as per Warrant of Precedence.


(d)            Politics                                               -                       Anyone who has been in politics for a sufficiently                                                                                                                            long period of time and held a position of a Member                                                                                                       of the Legislative Assembly or Parliament and/or                                                                                                                           has contributed substantially towards the school.


(e)            Professionals                      -                       Winners of prestigious National/International                                                                                                                                      Awards and others who have reached the top levels                                                                                                                      of Management in an All India level in their                                                                                                                                         respective professions.


(f) Entrepreneurs                     -                       Anyone who started his/her own enterprise and                                                                                                                              has a turnover of over 50 crores in an year.


(g)            Journalists                           -                       Accomplished journalists awarded prestigious                                                                                                                                              National/International awards.


(h)            Academicians                      -                       (i)         Teachers/Professors who have a high                                                                                                                                              national and international reputation for their                                                                                                                                      credentials and are in the staff of prestigious                                                                                                                                                National and International Universities.


(ii)     Winners of prestigious State and National



(iii)    VCs of Universities



(i) Performing Arts                  -                       Winners of State/National/International Awards                                                                                                                                 and those who have brought glory to the school by                                                                                                                          their achievements, name and fame.


(j) Arts and Literature -                       Winner of State/National/International Awards                                                                                                                                               and those who have brought glory to the school by                                                                                                                          their achievements, name and fame.


(k)            Science                                              -                       Winner of State/National/International Awards

and those who have brought glory to the school by           their achievements, name and fame.


(l) Social Service                       -                       Winner of State/National/International Awards                                                                                                                                               and those whose contributions though not                                                                                                                                                    recognised by any awards but have genuinely                                                                                                                                             contributed towards social upliftment and other                                                                                                                                social causes.


(m)           Service to OBA                     -                       Dedicated service to the OBA over a minimum of 20                                                                                                                         years with unique/exceptional contributions


(n)            Miscellaneous                     -                       Any other though not specifically mentioned above                                                                                                                           but is equally deserving of recognition.



The above criteria is a broad parameter but other deserving candidates can be considered by the panel keeping in mind the aim behind institution of this award and maintenance of high standards and consistency.



While selecting the candidates, sufficient weight-age should be given to their contribution to the OBA Community and the School.


Fg Offr MP Anil Kumar Memorial Achiever of the Year Award


7.         The broad eligibility criteria for recommendation for the above award is as follows:-



Gallantry Awards                             -           Any OB who has been conferred awards in the                                                                                                                           order of precedence above Sena Medal or                                                                                                                                    Equivalent during the previous year.



Other Awards                                              -           Any OB who has been conferred with any                                                                                                                                               State or National Award during the                                                                                                                                                            previous year.


(c)   Outstanding Achievements          -           Any OB who has reached prestigious positions                                                                                                                            in their profession during the previous year.


(d)   Outstanding Contributions           -           Any OB who has contributed substantially                                                                                                                                                towards the OBA and towards the activities of                                                                                                                                         the OBA during the previous year.




Methodology for Selection



Composition of the Selection Panel

8.         The selection panel will be decided during the first EC of the year. It will compose of three members of whom two will be Batch Representatives and the other member will be from amongthe Vice Presidents, Joint Secretaries and the Treasurer. It will have an additional member in an advisory capacity from outside the EC. He/She will be a sufficiently senior member who has vast experience in the functioning of the OBA and who is known for his/her maturity, impartiality and knowledge about different professions. The name of this person will be decided by the EC by consensus during the first EC of the year and his/her willingness obtained then itself. The presence of this member is essential for all meetings, which take place to identify the list of awardees for the year.




Number of Awardees

9.         Since these awards are being newly instituted, the number of eligible candidates in the initial stages would be high. In order to ensure that the award ceremony does not extend to unusually long period of time there by defeating the aim of institution of the award itself, it is pertinent to restrict the number of people being awarded. In the first two years of selecting the awardees as per this SOP, however,the number of awardees may be as high as seven. Subsequently, the number of awardees be restricted to three per year. Only those members who are above the age of 55 (unless awarded posthumously) – as on 1 January of the year the award is being given – be considered for Lifetime Achievement Award. There shall be no age restriction for the Achiever of the year award and a recipient is eligible to be awarded more than once if he/she meets the criteria laid down for the award in another year.


Initial Selection

10.       For broad-based and fair selection of candidates for the awards, the batch representatives need to be very active and responsive. They need to take charge of the batches they are responsible for. They need to identify individuals from each of the five batches that they are responsible for in order to get the necessary inputs.       Primarily, it is the responsibility of the Batch Representatives to put forward names of OBs recommended for awards, however, others in the EC may nominate OBs if such OBs meet the laid down criteria for the awards.


11.       A list of eligible candidates along with their details as given in the attached Appendix to this SOP should be made by the Batch Representatives and brought to the EC Meeting convened for the same. These names could be included in a bank of achievers to be maintained by the General Secretary. These names could then be handed over to the Selection Panel along with the citations and the specific achievements. The Selection Panel will then arrive at a list of most suitable candidates depending upon the specified number.


Final Selection

12.       The list of short listed candidates will be discussed during the last EC Meeting prior to the OBA Reunion of the year and the final list of candidates will be approved. Thereafter there will be no more changes and the preparations will be made for making the mementos by those entrusted with the job.           




Representation regarding inclusion or non inclusion will be projected to the EC during the AGM or EC Meetings. These could be discussed and decisions taken in a fair and reasonable manner. All OBs should be encouraged to communicate their points through formal means and desist from discussing it in social media or in groups.



Procedure for Presentation of Award



The award presentation committee should be nominated during one of the EC Meetings. It will be their responsibility to ensure that mementos are prepared and citations are made. These citations will be read out clearly before inviting the awardee on to the stage. The citation should contain the following:-


(a)   The year of passing out.

(b)   A short pen picture about the awardee while in School

(c)   Theiracademic or other achievements while in college.

(d)   Their achievements in the career/profession - major accomplishments and impact on the society

(e)   What was the secret, according to him/her, of his/her success?

(f)    Some advice for cadets of the school.


15.       The primary aim of the awards being to motivate the cadets of the school, it would be ideal if the recipients are present to receive the awards. Towards this end, the EC will make every effort to approach the concerned people well in advance (preferably three months). 


Procedure for Recording


16.       As stated earlier, one of the purposes of instituting this award is to make a record of achievements of our alumni. Thus, besides mention in the Minutes of the AGM and EC Meetings, the names of the awardees will be suitably displayed in the OBA website and a register for the same will also be opened to record the same.




17.       Achievements of the alumni being one of the most important factors contributing towards the prestige of the school, it is essential that a proper procedure be followed in identifying these achievers. Identifying and honouring their achievements will not only formally demonstrate our appreciation to the concerned people, it will also have the effect of motivating the cadets of the school and other alumni as well. The procedure for identifying the candidates should be consistent and continuous. Towards this end, the Executive Committee has a big role to play. The General Secretary has the onerous task of reminding all concerned of their responsibility and monitoring the progress so that procedure is followed timely and correctly. Proper handing-taking over of duties between EC Members at the time of turn over will also ensure that efforts at streamlining procedures are continued.



















(Refers to Para 11 of the SOP)







Roll Number:




Year of Joining Sainik School:


Year of Passing Out of Sainik School:


Award for which the Individual is being Nominated for: PCSCLAA / FOMPAAYA


Appointment(s) held while in School (if any):


Achievements in School (if any):


A short Penpicture of the Nominee while in School:


Academic Qualifications after leaving School:


Achievements (if any) while in College/Higher Institutions of Learning:


Achievement for which Nomination is being forwarded:



Brief Citation for the Award:


Whether the Nominee meets the criteria laid down in Para 4 or Para 7 of the SOP: Yes/No


If Yes in Ser 13, indicate the Sub Para of Para 4 or Para 7 under which the recommendation is made:



If No in Ser 13, indicate reasons for including the name in the list of Nominees for the Award:




Contributions to the OBA/Sainik School by the Nominee:


Any other Points/Remarks:





Place :                                                                                                             Signature of the Batch Representative

Date :                                                                                                               Name of the Batch Representative