Posted by Jain V P on August 28, 2017

In Attendance

1.    Col A Rajiv 2053/90 Principal SSKZM, Patron

2.    Lt Col B Girish Kumar 1928/89 AO SSKZM

3.    Lt Cdr Parichay Kalra VP SSKZM

4.    Shri K Rajendran Senior Master & OBA in Charge, Ex Officio member

5.    Cdr Sam T Samuel IN (Retd) 637/75, President

6.    Col Sajjad M (Retd) 574/74, Vice President (on Skype)

7.    Shri Soni Somarajan 2186/91, Vice President

8.    Shri VP Jain 2006/90, General Secretary

9.    Shri Santhosh Kumar J 2226/91, Treasurer

10.  Dr Habeeb Mohamed 1750/87, Joint Secretary

11.  Capt Anish A Nair 2382/93, Organizing Secretary

12.  Shri MB Sanil Kumar 777/77, Auditor

13.Shri Hari Prasad A 144/68, Member

14.Cdr Hari Kumar K N (Retd) 633/75, Member

15.Cdr Rajeev Maroli 954/80, Member

16.Shri Kamal Sankar 3470/2000, Member

17.Shri Karthik R Nair 3633/2004, Member

18.Brig Josekutty Kurian (Retd) 596/74, Chairman, RMC (Nominated)

19.Shri VB Sreelal 2048/91, Invitee

20.Shri Prabhasudhan S 3577/2004, Invitee 


The meeting commenced with a silent prayer in memory of dear departed souls, who passed away during the period. The sequence of the agenda was slightly altered so that the Patron could attend school-related engagements. The following agenda points were discussed:

Agenda Point No 1: Welcome Address

Lt Col Girish Kumar AO SSKZM on behalf of the Patron Col A Rajiv, Principal SSKZM, welcomed the President & Executive Members of SSKZM OBA 2017-18 to the meeting. He sought the support of the OBA fraternity to release a grant of INR 3 lakhs from Students Scholarship Fund (SSF) to aid 14 cadets from a weak financial background. Invitation was extended to all EC members to attend the All India Sainik Schools Inter Zone Basketball Championship to be held from 16-19 August, 2017. Dedication ceremony of the Monsoon Training Shed by Shri Kadakambally Surendran, Honourable Minister for Culture, Government of Kerala was also mentioned.  The AO also took it as an opportunity to thank the EC for bestowing him the Achiever of the Year 2017 award.

Agenda Point No 2: Presidential Address Cdr. Sam T Samuel (Retd)

High attendance at the first EC meeting, especially on a working day, was appreciated by the President, SSKZM OBA. He praised the School authorities for taking initiative to release the colourful School bulletin ‘Renaissance’ on OBA’s behalf. He wished that all members, including the new ones, would volunteer to implement fresh ideas and projects to take our organization to greater heights.

Agenda Point No 3: Quarterly Account Statement, Budget & SOPs

The Treasurer presented the unaudited income and expenditure statement for the period 1/4/17- 31/7/17, which was subsequently approved by EC.

During the meeting, the personal involvement of the Treasurer in drafting the proposed SOPs was highly appreciated and the SOPs -Procurement of Materials & Accounting of Income/ Expenses process, Delegation of Power and Policy for Regional Chapters were approved by the EC.

A yearly budget was presented by the Treasurer which was approved with certain changes by the members.

Agenda Point No 4: OBA's Tribute to NBN Sir

Various projects that can be brought under one umbrella to pay tribute to the founding master of OBA were discussed. It was decided to form a working committee with the Principal SSKZM as Chairman, Cdr. Rajeev Maroli (954/80) as Convener and Treasurer SSKZM OBA as one of the members to implement the following ideas in a time bound manner.

    Annual NBN Memorial Teacher Enrichment Program to be executed before Nov'17

     To archive the memorabilia related to OBA & NBN Sir at the motivation hall

     To release a OBA coffee table book, with few pages devoted to NBN, during OBA Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2019

     To publish a book on NBN, written by a third party author

Agenda Point No 5: Website (Technical) Upgradation - Way Forward

SSKZM OBA Website Hosting & Maintenance Agreement with the contractor is valid till 7 June, 2018. AGBM had earlier approved a content enrichment committee led by Wg Cdr TR Padmaraj. The present EC decided to consolidate the website further by appointing Shri MS Ashok Kumar (1995/90) as the presiding officer of the Website Technical Committee, Shri VB Sreelal (2048/91) as its adviser.

The committee is entrusted to specifically bring out the present status, proposal for improvement and the envisaged results. The registration process developed during the OBA day also needs to be incorporated to our website. Intention is to create an archive of all EC reports, bulletins, awards, endowments, honorariums and other initiatives of OBA in a phased manner and to do away with the physical entry in registers - which was done meticulously by previous office bearers. Options if any, to link Kazhaks App for mobile devices to the website and income from spot advertising will be explored by the committee.

Agenda Point No 6: Draft SOP - Liaison between SSKZM and SSKZMOBA

The Principal SSKZM and the President SSKZM OBA were authorized by the EC to finalize and sign the SOP for liaison between SSKZM and SSKZMOBA. General opinion was to incorporate the following points, if found feasible:

 Lunch at school for EC members on EC meeting day

 Part/full sponsorship of annual NBN Memorial Teacher Enrichment program at school by SSKZMOBA

  To launch yearly/half-yearly school bulletin on behalf of SSKZMOBA

Agenda Point No 7: Co-opting 1994 batch and 2011-17 Representatives in EC

Consensus was reached to co-opt Shri Dileep SL (2492/1994) as a representative of the 1994 batch in EC to suggest ways & means for the SSKZM OBA Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2019. A batch representative (2011-17) would be co-opted by the next EC.

Agenda Point No 8: Constitution of 2018 LTA & AoY Awards Committee

Shri Hari Prasad A (144/68) was nominated as the presiding officer of the 2018 LTA & AoY Awards Committee. The committee will be expanded further in consultation with Col Sajjad M (Retd) (574/74). The Awards committee will invite nominations for LTA & Annual Achievers of the year award 2018 through the batch representatives. The committee is also entrusted to shortlistthe nominees and prepare citations after seeking approval of the EC.

Agenda Point No 9: GKM 2016 and 2017 Surplus Fund - Way ahead

After broad discussions, it was decided that the surplus money available with Kochi Chapter, 1991 Batch and 1992 Batch from the individual contributions received from the attendees of the three GKMs be transferred to the OBA General Fund along with names of individual contributors.

Agenda Point No 10: Transfer of Life membership Fees -2017 and 2018 Class XII cadets

The AO, SSKZM assured the EC that the list of Life membership along with the fees collected from the 70 cadets of 2017 batch would be transferred to the SSKZM OBA account.

 A new membership form with Aadhaar number would be forwarded to the OBA master-in- charge before Nov, 2017.  On successfully passing out, the school authorities will deduct Rs. 500/- with the consent of respective guardian from their caution deposit and assist in enrolling the 2018 batch mates as Life Members.

Agenda Point No 11: OBA Directory, Bulletin and Golden Jubilee Celebrations

It was proposed that an updated OBA directory be prepared as part of the OBA golden jubilee celebrations. It was also decided that the printing cost of the school bulletin (yearly/half yearly) would be sponsored by the SSKZM OBA. It was suggested that news directly related to school be adequately incorporated and a line sketch of the School instead of the photograph be made the masthead of the bulletin.

Agenda Point No12: Formation of OBA Advisory Committee

It was decided to seek the support of the OBA Advisory Committee whenever required. The purpose is to expand the base of opinion makers in the decision making process of the OBA by including spirited and experienced KAZAKS who were part of the growth process of OBA.

Agenda Point No 13: Proposed Projects for 2018-19 & OBA Day 2018: 1993 Batch

The Organising Secretary, Capt Anish A Nair 2382/93 presented the list of activities to be undertaken by their batch. The SSKZMOBA EC approved the following projects to be executed in consultation with the school authorities before 23rd June 2018 (the OBA Reunion Day):

     Hockey Pavilion at an estimated cost of 5-6 Lakhs

     Periodic Table - Fun learning outside the chemistry lab. In memory of NBN Sir

     Upgrade and refurbish the Craft Class

     To continue with the Ignite Sessions

     Professional Volleyball coaching for the school team

     To help source CSR funds to obtain additional learning aids for cadets

     To support Kazaks Agro Farm (expanded Project Sanjay)

Agenda Point No 14: Points from the Patron Col A Rajiv, Principal SSKZM

Principal Col. A. Rajiv (2053/90) thanked all the EC members for their attendance. In his address, he mentionedthe upcoming All India Sainik Schools Inter Zonal Basketball Championship from 16-19 Aug, 2017 and UPSC exam for NDA on 10 Sept, 2017. He sought continued support for the annually conducted Capt Harshan Memorial Basketball Tournament and Col N J Nair Memorial Debate Competition, 2017-18. The Principal extended full support to execute the NBN Memorial Teacher Enrichment Program before 29/11/2017. He expressed willingness to host lunch to EC members on EC day. He also thanked the President for his appreciation of the School Bulletin.

The meeting resumed after a 15-min tea break.

Agenda Point No 15: Section 12B/80G Tax Exemption and Filing of IT Returns

The auditor explained the different aspects governing the OBA and the ‘Principle of Mutuality’ being the core concept binding the alumni. The funds generated by the OBA are from individual contributions made by the members out of their personal income for which they are paying income tax. Funds are being utilised for the purpose for which the organisation had been formed as laid down in the objects and byelaws of the association. Since the association does not generate any income, there is no need to file IT return. However, it is advisable that OBA does not pursue the case for exemption under Section 12A of IT Act because the principle of mutuality on which OBA functions now will be affected. In case, OBA wants to take up social projects and apply for IT exemption for the contributors under Section 80 G and exemption for the association under Section 12 A, it would be advisable to start a separate trust under the aegis of the OBA for this purpose.

 The EC directed the General Secretary and the Treasurer to operate the accounts as per the advice given by the Auditor and keep on record the facts of the case for the sake of posterity.

Agenda Point No 16: Closing of Federal Bank Account & Winding up of OBA

It was decided to seek the support of the accountant to close the SB account at Federal Bank, Kazhakootam Branch. The Accountant was also entrusted to take immediate steps to wind up the OBA with Registrar of Societies, Govt of Kerala.

Agenda Point No 17: Other points with permission of the Chair

Based on the request from school and on budgetary allocations, following expenses were approved by members:

1. Rs.60,000/- Students Scholarship Fund to aid cadets who are unable to pay their enhanced fees during the year 2017-18.

2. Rs.99,000/- as advance to conduct Capt. Harshan Memorial Basketball Tournament and Col N J Nair Memorial Debate Competition 2017-18.

3. Rs.2,400/- towards OBA office rent from May 2017 for  Quarters EIII, SSKZM

4. Rs.6,700/- for printing ‘Renaissance’ (The new avatar of school bulletin released on 8th July 2017).

 Although envisaged earlier during AGM, CSR support is not available to SSKZMOBA, as is evident from agenda point no.15 above. Therefore, OBA as a body, is unable to provide finances to Project Shine or any such projects that is not directly conducted by OBA. However, it was decided that support from OBs in their individual capacity may be extended to Project Shine.

The Principal projected a requirement of about Rs. 3 Lakhs for urgently supporting identified cadets, to help them pay their fees and continue studies in the school. It was decided to make an appeal to the OBs for voluntary contributions towards this.

It was also decided that an attempt will be made to enhance the principal amounts from the sponsors of different OBA endowments /prizes given to cadets through general appeal, to compensate for the inflation that has rendered the prize money to minuscule amounts to be distributed among multiple winners.

It was decided to hold the 2nd EC meeting on 28 October, 2017.