The 47th Annual Old Boys Day is now a chapter in remembrance !

Posted by Santhosh Kumar J on July 11, 2016

Dear Alumni,

The mist of memories still envelops us. Many came with their friends. Then, these groups became a crowd of around 500 people in the lap of the alma-mater. We departed at the end of a momentous day - rejuvenated by a nurturing mother, a bit homesick, looking forward to the next year.

We have a lot of people to be thankful to for making this a day worth remembering. The School Leadership - Principal Col Rajiv, Admn Offr Lt Col Girish, Vice Principal Lt Cdr Gireesh, Senior Master Rajendran Sir, teachers, and cadets for their full assistance and cooperation in setting up the event and running it smoothly. OBA led by Cdr Sam T Samuel and his team plus all alumni - the Seniors, the Juniors, our own batchmates - a band of brothers who came together to make it all a grand success. We could not have done it without all of you. The advice, the encouragement, the timely help - we found everything contributing to make the day even more beautiful.

There is wisdom gained which we will pass on. And, there are memories that we will keep for Auld Lang Syne. The batch of 1991 thanks you all, dear Kazhaks!

Three cheers to the School Of Our Boyhood Days !

Yours sincerely,

Santhosh Kumar J 2226/91

Organising Secretary(Past), SSKZMOBA