1974 Batch: Golden Jubilee of joining SSKZM

Posted by Jain V P on February 15, 2017

Event Report by Cmde VG Venugopal Menon, IN (Retd)  589/74


Reunions and get-togethers have become synonymous with the 1974 batch. Although, two reunions were organised single-handedly by Rajoo Krishan in the 90s, many from the batch could not attend them due to their job commitments. Our first major reunion was at school in 2008 when the batch sponsored the OBA. The years that followed witnessed the batch meeting formally and informally quite often. This was made possible due to the relentless effort of like-minded people in the batch who shared the same passion and values that the alma mater had inculcated in them during their impressionable days. Encouragement from spouses has always been one of the important factors for the cohesiveness of the batch. Interestingly, the spouses share the same passion during the reunions and most of them know the class of 74 by their nicknames and can relate them with the mischiefs that they would have indulged in their school days. Due to this, most of the spouses make it a point not to miss any of our reunions. The Trivandrum meet was the icebreaker and it kick-started the flurry of activities and meets that continued in the years ahead. The visit to school during that reunion was perhaps was one of the key factor, which brought back the bonhomie of the batch.  The event at Trivandrum and School was meticulously planned and executed by Rajoo Krishnan.


The next formal reunion was held at Bangalore - organized by Brig Prasad Chandran - in May 2012. As usual the reunion had a good share of fun and frolic spread over two days. Needless to say the administrative arrangements were well planned and executed to the minutest details. We were fortunate to have late Shri NBN gracing the occasion on the last day, which incidentally coincided with the OBA Bangalore chapter meet. A spectacular motorcycle display by the Corps of Military Police was an icing on the cake.  The next big bash was at Chennai under the stewardship of Gen Rajeevan in Dec 2013, the then Chief of Staff, ATNK&K area. As always fun and frolic was the theme of the meet and the added attraction for the ladies was saree shopping at Kanchipuram. The military band in attendance during the dinners added a regal style to the evening.


The 50-year anniversary of the joining in school was an absolute blockbuster. It was organized in December 2016 and had two phases  - the event at the School and the Kumarakom phase. Needless to say, both the phases were equally enjoyable and the trio of organisers - Chandran, Sajjad and Josekutty displayed their exemplary planning  & execution skills to ensure that no stones were left unturned. Venugopal tested the ladies with the game ‘Know your husband of school days quiz’ during a boat ride in the Vembanad Lake. Dumb Charades not only brought out the acting skills of some of the participants but also brought us even closer. The Gala Dinner accompanied by the musical evening rekindled many nostalgic memories. The batch had decided on an act of thanksgiving to the school in a befitting manner that would benefit future generations. All of us bear an equal responsibility to contribute to a social cause and the batch of 1974 contributed a sum of INR 10 Lakhs towards the OBA Students Scholarship Fund.


Its a magnificient gesture from 74 batch on contributing 10L to the corpus fund.

I used to see Rajoo Krishnan sir (and Mookha sir @ Delhi) only from the class of 74 until 2012. There on, the entire batch used to be seen every OBA forum. Many congratulations once again!

Padmaraj (pappan-bulldo) 2298/93

Wg Cdr TR Padmaraj



Co-Ordinator, Communication Cell